Basic Tips

Enjoy Your Candles At Home

Cozy Candle Co would like to ensure your experience with our candles & melts are relaxing and cozy.  We want to relax you the moment you light your candle. Always remember to  allow your candle to burn 1-2 hours no more than 4 hrs at a time to ensure edge to edge clean burn and you will see a nice wax pool. Did you know every time you’re ready to light your candle always trim it ¼ inch this gives you 5 hours more of burning time.

The Benefits of using a Wick Dipper?

Blowing out a candle to extinguish its flames can leave your room smelling like smoke and may also create black residue around the rim of your candle jar.

Clean cut wick dippers is easy to use.

Step 1:  Use clean cut wick dipper to push the wick into the wax pool until the flame is completely extinguished.

Step 2:  Immediately pull the wick from the wax and straighten to the center

Step 3:  Allow time for the wax to solidify before trimming the wick ¼ inch again.

Trimming the wick a ¼ inch each time allows 5 hours more burning time


How Do I clean Soy Wax?

Soy wax is biodegradable and is easier to clean because it washes away with soap and water.

How To Maintain My Wick

Keep wicks trimmed each time you use a candle to prevent mushrooming. Mushrooming is formed at the end of the candle wick with carbon build up.

How To Prevent Tunnelling

Tunnelling happens as the candle burns in the middle and not around the edges. To prevent it burn your candle for one hour when you first light it.